Some tips to keep in mind...

  • Make sure your website is up to date and has an attractive, clear and concise design with proper information. Customers depend on this

  • Keep your signage simple yet attractive.

  • Avoid using excess flags especially if they're tattered.

  • Landscaping matters! Pretty flowers, plants and shrubbery make not only your business look great but it helps the whole street.

as a business owner, you are busy. A great benefit to membership is the use of our services to get you the marketing, design and branding assistance you need. ' Let's keep lbi beautiful! email us to discuss this FURTHER.

Branding, Marketing & Curb Appeal

One of the best things about our beautiful town is the diversity among the local business community. Take a drive down Bay Avenue and soak up all of the different storefronts, colors, plants, flowers and range of customers walking up and down the street. Part of our mission is to give as much support as possible to ensure that our local businesses thrive year after year.

A large part of thriving, especially in 2019, is to be on top of your business' overall look - what does your branding and marketing say? Has it changed? Are you reaching the right customers? Could you be reaching more? Are you utilizing social media?

Everything from your logo, website design, the look of your shopping bag (aka: an opportunity for a literal walking advertisement!), your use of signage and storefront design simply matter so much. 

f-Parkers Garage and Oyster Saloon.jpg